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    Custom Made Medallions, Car Badges and Grille Badges for:

     Automobile Clubs
     Automobile Dealers 
     Political Groups
     Colleges & Universities
     Alumni Associations
      Private Clubs
      Country Clubs
       Military Units

     We use a vintage manufacturing process similar to the cloisonne badges made in England back in the 1930s and 40s. They are made to last 50 + years.
Unaffected by the weather, they will not dull, fade, flake or peel.

    We Ship World Wide
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Motoring had started in earnest in the early days of the 20th. Century. It was natural for car owners to form themselves into clubs, and there were good reasons. The condition of the road was abysmal at best, and only by some form of united pressure could motorists hope for improvement.

The main reason behind the formation of these early organizations was to make a stand against the antagonism shown to motorists by the public at large, the legislators and by the Police whose attitude was nothing short of outright hostility.

This was particularly true in Great Britain, because in 1895, the Locomotives on Highways Act restricted mechanically propelled vehicles to a maximum speed of six miles per hour on country roads and 2  per hour in built-up areas.

Car badges were introduced by the Automobile Association in March, 1906 to identify members and warn them of police speed traps up ahead. If the road was clear of police, the AA man would salute the driver if his vehicle displayed an  AA badge. The practice was continued until the late 1960s.

A jewelry quality custom Car Badge or Grille Badge is a great way to dress up your car
show pride in your club membership at the same time.

A custom made car badge or grille badge can be a significant source of income for your club.

The club orders the car badges. Then, (if they so choose) the club makes a profit by selling the car badges to the members, or anyone willing to support the club.

These car  badges have a metal base of solid bronze, which is plated with nickel/chrome or 24 karat gold and is inlaid with cloisonne colors. 

This kind of car badge was used on almost all cars until the 1940's. They continued to be used on some expensive American cars for several years. Foreign sports cars continue to use  car badges  routinely. Cloisonne car badges can be found on the radiator grille, headlight bars, side mounts, and in the interior as well. Cloisonne is also found in many types of Jewelry.
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